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Thank you so much for visiting our website.   Did you know that the PTA provides many of the experiences and resources your student receives throughout the year?  Field trips, educational resources, fun lunches, classroom parties, assemblies and so much more are all organized and supported by the Kingsley PTA at the cost of over $75 per student each year.  


During a typical membership year, your membership would include Unlimited access to our Online School Directory A to Z Connect, and Voting Rights at all general PTA meetings.

How Do We Spend Your Money?!
Chart based on pre-Covid 2018-2019 Actuals

2018-2019 Pie Chart.png

Why Join the PTA?

The biggest reason to join the Parent Teacher Association is to benefit your child. In doing so, you are helping our school. There are many more PTA advantages as well:

  • Helping our School, Benefits your Child. PTA fundraising revenue helps your school acquire key resources. PTA is committed to enriching the lives of all Kingsley students by spending over $75.00 per student from the programs we fund.

  • Connect with your Child, Parents, & Staff. There is no better way to know what’s happening at our school.

  • Discover Resources. PTA offers a variety of programs designed for parents and students.

  • Tap into a Network. PTA experiences are opportunities to meet other parents and teachers, build rapport and discuss issues you care about, while sharing ideas and concerns.

  • Make a Difference. PTA can be a way for you to more effectively suggest positive changes at Kingsley and be a part of the solution by getting involved.

  • Share your Skills and Knowledge. By volunteering with the PTA, you put your skills and hobbies to use for a great cause – your child and the children in our community.

  • Be a Role Model. By becoming a PTA member, you’ll demonstrate to your child the importance of education and working & playing together.

PTA Membership for the 2023-24 school year will once again be $30.00 per family. 

Membership Includes:

  • Voting Rights on decisions that affect our school

  • Ability to volunteer at PTA events

  • Unlimited Access to A to Z Connect- our online school directory 

Questions? Contact us at 

Please visit the Shop to Join Today!

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